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Exploring the world through caring thoughts, the freedoms of guilt free emotions, and looking at the world through the eyes of someone elses perspective seeking to enhance and set free your soul by opening your heart and mind

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Mt Adams





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Reflections arent always what you see…..sometimes, when your looking you see what you ONLY choose to see. Everything has a form of beauty in it…..look past outward appearances, and find what draws you in. You may be surprised at what you find.

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Jewels on a necklace

Jewels on a necklace
cut differently, you and I
all attached one way or another on a strand,
in life just touching one another briefly,
as we stroll through our lives journeys individually.
– G.Parkhurst

Thought for the day…….
Where does brilliance come from?
The body, or mind?
Heart or soul?
In which direction does it flow?
Lastly, just how bright do you shine to others?


It has been some months now that I have unplugged, and for good reason. It has been a bumpy ride, and I have found myself doing more soul searching. These last few months have left me in more emotional anguish, jobless, and in pain then I care to share. However, it has taught me one thing, that being that we are ALL invaluable. Some of us have never tasted the feelings of self worthlessness, some have. In any case, I have to say that no matter who you are, what background you came from, there IS purpose. What that purpose is, Im not entirely sure. Thats what your own journey decides in life. That will be another day. To be honest, I wasnt sure just how many people I have touched, and often wondered, should I stop blogging or sharing all together?? With that said, I will continue to share my thoughts on life, abuse, and emotional baggage as I have done in the past. I will also gladly continue posting my pictures everytime I blog just to  keep you all in high spirits. If you choose not to read my posts Im ok with that…..however, you may find yourself one day thinking back on something that I’ve shared that may have touched you in one way or another… least, thats what Im aiming for! Im not looking to become famous, or rich….just to be honest, and share in life journeys what may help someone, somewhere along the line in how to be more loving, positive, and cope more productively instead of just being numb and self destructing or simply on auto pilot going through life feeling no purpose. Im here, always have been…your not alone…never will be. You are loved….and you will always have a friend in me.

I wish for you during this time of seasonal change, the harvesting of a new spirit. Inner sanctum and peace, a place in your soul that you may tap into to get comfortable within your skin, and reclaim you and your life. Health and prosperity, love, and a kindred heart. Live life everyday with no regrets and love entirely, never give up, and dont hold back. Explore your mind, spirit, and soul with all you have….learn to put yourself first.

Until next blogcast…..Be well my lovelies….be well!


Clowns Cry Too

Clowns wear a face that”s painted intentionally on them so they 

appear to be happy or sad. what kind of mask are you wearing today?      

—- Anonymous


Clowns Cry to.  I wonder why that is.  They are under paid and underrated I believe.  Its truly amazing how they can put on a show, forgetting their own lives, to  bring joy and happiness to others that need it. They are laughed at, mocked, and people snort and point at them behind their backs.  They are painted comedians.  What I find most interesting is that in almost all cases the clown or comedian has come from some form of tragedy.  Laughter heals they say.  I would like to meet the person responsible for this “so called” saying and ask him/her personally what makes him/her the expert on that.  So much pressure is put onto the person that is the abused or the victim.  We are expected to go through life pretending that nothing has happened or is wrong.  We are forced to set aside our own feelings, never dealing with them, and suck it up and move on.

“The mind is but a mystical dark circus;

we are nothing but a clown playing along to life’s theater.

Our faces delicately brimming with giggles;

painted in bright colors,

As we hide from the world…..

showing them only what they truly want to see.” 

— G. Parkhurst

There is much pain, sorrow, and sadness in most of us, as we trot along in life.  In most cases people are so oblivious they don”t even see.  In fact, is it that they don”t see…or wanna see?  Could they handle it?  Its a hard luck life,…….. no, a hard luck story.  No clown or comedian asks you to feel sorry for them. Just that you take time to understand them. To respect them and all the hurt that comes along with them.  Most often times, we are not seen or heard.  We dress to impress and put on our happy face, pushing aside those things that haunt us.

” I remain in the dark.

My face misrepresented by this circus of life, tormented by my emotions and memories.

My mind constantly working, never allowing silence or peace.

I fear the silence, it shreds my soul a bit at a time, never leaving me 

to stop entertaining the idea that I MUST continue to hide behind a mask.

For behind this mask of characters, nobody can see what truly pains me.

My heart is lost to the enchantment of each mask, intricately made, just for me, that I must put on and wear.

Im caught up in confusion, cleverly disguised as being a normal person.”

— G. Parkhurst


I’ve heard people often remark that they are scared of clowns. Some petrified. Why you ask? Could it be that those very same people are in tune with their surroundings? Im not saying pedophile here….Im saying that possibly they see past the paint and all the make-up. Their intuitions prove that they see that there is so much more beneath the surface. What is it that they are hiding? What really is going on in their souls and minds? Could it be they see the pain, trauma, horror, abuse…or even evilness? Kinda scary to me.

The bottom line is that the next time you find yourself judging someone…look at them a little deeper with more understanding and compassion. Dont expect them to pick up…dust right off..move on…forget and forgive. It should be on our time, not yours. Try to get past the clown and see the person. Try to be understanding and get to know them. Listen to their stories and what they are really trying to tell you without speaking.

They are my heroes….and I there sister or brother. We are family. We share a commonality. We have a unwritten or unspoken bond,

I respect them and their jobs, they do it so well, and I like them, and so many others out there, who bring joy to others where there is sadness. Its a heavy burden to carry. However, when I put my mask on..its easier to focus my energy on your pain and sadness…then to face my inner demons and fears, i would rather forget about mine, to help you let go of yours! We touch peoples lives every day and forget about our own…casting it to the wayside. SO much so…..that we get lost in ourselves…some struggling to get out…others content in still wearing the masks…it no longer is just a mask…but has become and always will be part of who and what they truly are…….lost forever…what we wanna be…and wanna do…or ever wanna feel.

What mask are you wearing today?

I wish for you today a sense of inner peace and healing. Truly that you know that you are not alone and that no matter what mask you choose…..I love you for who you are, not which one you choose to wear. Dont fear the mask…embrace it and let it surround you and keep you. In it, you feel a sense of safety. Its ok. I wont and dont judge you. When you are ready, I and others like me will be here for you to help you, guide you, encourage you, and we will ALWAYS love and support you! Safe journeys today for your inner spirit…let your mind wander freely today, reflecting on which masks can be thrown out and which ones you still need.

Until next time my fellow clowns… to laugh another day, shed a tear , and always keep smiling!  ❤

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“PTSD is a whole-body tragedy, an integral human event of enormous proportions with massive repercussions.” 
― Susan Pease Banitt

Most people go through life with broken wings. They often dont share for fear of resentment or rejection. They dont show the hurt they feel or burdens they carry with them. Most times, you wont even know it exists.  I was taught, not only by my mother but as a survivor, that to show your feelings was a sign of weakness and defeat. weakness was for wimps..and I could not show it. Even to this day, its hard for me to open up, although Im learning more and more daily. I learned early on in my life of abuse, that when I did show it, or want to share, nobody cared, and to those that were the abusers…it made them more angry, and they had no problem pointing it out. You often times feel as though you have no voice, or nobody hears you. You feel alone and isolated. Ashamed and fearful. You are anxious and afraid. Your emotions may even be on a roller coaster, and you dont even understand why. Its possible that you deal with depression and withdrawal…possibly to cope, and are addicted to drugs and or alcohol, maybe even something else, like food, shopping, or gambling, ect. ect. so as not to feel, or think about what your feeling.. You wear a invisible mask so others cant see the real you…your worried if they do you will be outcast.  Nobody understands you. Your lost and unreachable. Your heart hurts and you dont know where to turn. Sights, smells, sounds, or a person, place , or thing, may trigger flashes, emotions, and panic attacks.  Some days…you hurt. The pain feels so real, but nothing is physically wrong with you.  You experience night terrors, and may have had thoughts of suicide or have already tried…maybe you cut yourself to release the emotional pain your feeling as a way to release those inner feelings. You were and maybe still are a victim of abuse. Its quite possible that you are now a survivor but still experience these feelings daily or quite often.  Your unsure of why you still have these thoughts or emotions, because some days you feel fine. Others are so hard to get through. Maybe you are snappy towards others and edgy. Its alright. It doesnt mean your weak and you have lost. It means its possible you are experiencing CPTSD or PTSD. Its common in victims and survivors that have sustained traumatic events beyond their control. Your not alone.


“The symptomatology of PTSD.
In PTSD a traumatic event is not remembered and relegated to one’s past in the same way as other life events. Trauma continues to intrude with visual, auditory, and/or other somatic reality on the lives of its victims. Again and again they relieve the life-threatening experiences they suffered, reacting in mind and body as though such events were still occurring. PTSD is a complex psychobiological condition.” 
― Babette RothschildThe Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment the Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment

(A couple brief accounts)

On a gorgeous sunny day I was in the bathroom grooming myself. I had the door double locked to ensure my privacy and safety. My mother and “him” were outside working in the yard. It was the weekend, and I had to get ready to go to my best friends house! I was so excited! I turned on the shower, got undressed, and opened the small window that let out the steam, and let in the fresh crisp air. Turned on the fan and let the steam fill my nostrils, and the hot water run down and  cover my body in warmth. I let it wash over  me…and I let go of my inhibitions and fears, letting it drown out the world and rinse it all  down the drain. I soaked my head under the faucet and closed my eyes and melted into the goodness that surrounded me. In our house…we were allowed 5 minute showers! No more. if we did they would pound on the door and turn on the cold water to freeze you out, then you got grounded. I took advantage of the fact that the boys were gone and my mother and “him” were outside. They couldnt keep time, so, I took an extra few minutes and enjoyed myself, humming along making my own tune. I washed my hair..letting the suds work themselves in and the lather drifted down my curves into the small of my back. …… I got a uneasy feeling. It settled deep in my belly and I became sick to my stomach. I looked up and to my surprise “he” was standing on a chair or log outside the window  watching me. He made noises and grunted…saying inappropriate things to me. I immediately opened my eyes with soap in them to see him standing there hovering in the window. It was very narrow…about 9ft off the ground and you needed to stand on something to see in it.  I slammed it shut and rinsed my hair and got out.  To this day…I hate having soap in my eyes…brings me back to that helpless time and I have a fear of not seeing. I still have nightmares and night terrors. I hate taking showers unless my hubby is home. Then I get paranoid someones here and gonna hurt me. All because of him.

Another time for example was…..early on in my abuse with “him”. “he” would tell my mother “he” was gonna take me with him to go run errands. i never wanted to go, and begged not to. My mother said she needed free time.  He took the truck and forced me to sit next to him. While driving he would force me to touch him and grope him. Some times he would stop at places and force me to give him oral sex.  When I drive by those places even now as an adult I have flashbacks and get sick to my stomach. To this day due to the trauma being that I sustained I barely can be intimate with my husband. It has caused irreversible barriers. Im glad I have such an understanding loving husband. Due to that…it has caused intimacy issues behind closed doors. For that I am sorry. I hate that BASTARD!!!  “he” took that and stole that from me….and from my husband!!!

These are just 2 brief accounts. I wont go into any horrible details as Im sure you get the picture. There were many more like that…and Im still processing them on a daily basis…It will continue for the rest of my life.

What I wanted to say was that, most people associate PTSD with mainly Military. While PTSD is often times associated with it, I wanted to share that there is a second one most people are not aware of as well. Im not saying one is worse then the other or disclosing that neither is as important as the other. Just that the two are different, and  in this case putting yourself in one category is not necessary. You may think that you dont have it for fear of being like a Military person or persons, dont label yourself just yet. Thats not so. Even if you think you do have it, my suggestion is that  you go to your Dr and get a referral for help from the appropriate Dr. A PCP is not a qualified professional to deal with such cases and in no way be giving you or prescribing you medicine. Its not in their scope or practice. If they are a good Dr they will admittedly refer you to some one that is accredited to help you in the way that you need! Please remember this!!!! Pharmaceutical Companies and Health Insurance Companies  are pushing PCP’s to prescribe antidepressants and other pills with out sending you to the right DR’s. Be wary. A good Psychologist or Psychotherapist will see you a few times to feel you out and adjust to your specific needs at that time. Do some research on your own. If you or anyone you know may fall under this category please do not hesitate to ask questions and get pointed in the right direction. Often times PCP’s arent treating the patient with the right medicines and it may not even be the problem. Again, ask for a referral. A good PCP will do a work up on you to see if there are any other underlying problems and give you a referral to see the right mental health professional! I am in no way telling you to self diagnose, or claiming to be a Dr. I am however, giving you advice if you think that you fall under this criteria. Im a survivor and was a victim. I can only speak and give advice from this first hand perspective, and my accounts or life!

PTSD woman

“Whenever you need a listening ear, we’ll be there. Don’t let PTSD get a hold on you. Seek help.” 

I included for you some informative information to help you distinguish between the 2. You might take a moment and read it. Its interesting and  you will find it to be very helpful.

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) also known as multiple interrelated post traumatic stress disorder is a psychological injury that results from protracted exposure to prolonged social and/or interpersonal trauma in the context of either captivity or entrapment (a situation lacking a viable escape route for the victim), which results in the lack or loss of control, helplessness, and deformations of identity and sense of self. C-PTSD is distinct from, but similar to, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), somatization disorder, dissociative identity disorder, and borderline personality disorder.[1]

However, C-PTSD was not accepted by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder. It was not included in DSM-IV or in DSM-5, published in 2013.[2]

Though mainstream journals have published papers on C-PTSD, the category is not formally recognized in diagnostic systems such as Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) or International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD).[3] It may be included in the upcoming ICD 11 However, the former includes “disorder of extreme stress, not otherwise specified” and the latter has this similar code “personality change due to classifications found elsewhere” (31.1), both of whose parameters accommodate C-PTSD.[1]

C-PTSD involves complex and reciprocal interactions between multiple biopsychosocial systems. It was first described in 1992 by Judith Herman in her book Trauma & Recovery and an accompanying article.[1][4] Forms of trauma associated with C-PTSD involve a history of prolonged subjection to totalitarian control[1] including sexual abuse (especially child sexual abuse), physical abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence or torture—all repeated traumas in which there is an actual or perceived inability for the victim to escape

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was included in the DSM-III (1980), mainly due to the relatively large numbers of American combat veterans of the Vietnam War who were seeking treatment for the lingering effects of combat stress. In the 1980s, various researchers and clinicians suggested that PTSD might also accurately describe the sequelae of such traumas as child sexual abuse and domestic abuse.[7] However, it was soon suggested that PTSD failed to account for the cluster of symptoms that were often observed in cases of prolonged abuse, particularly that which was perpetrated against children by caregivers during multiple childhood and adolescent developmental stages. Such patients were often extremely difficult to treat with established methods.[7]

PTSD descriptions fail to capture some of the core characteristics of C-PTSD. These elements include captivity, psychological fragmentation, the loss of a sense of safety, trust, and self-worth, as well as the tendency to be revictimized. Most importantly, there is a loss of a coherent sense of self: it is this loss, and the ensuing symptom profile, that most pointedly differentiates C-PTSD from PTSD.[8]

C-PTSD is also characterized by attachment disorder, particularly the pervasive insecure, or disorganized-type attachment.[9] DSM-IV (1994) dissociative disorders and PTSD do not include insecure attachment in their criteria. As a consequence of this aspect of C-PTSD, when some adults with C-PTSD become parents and confront their own children’s attachment needs, they may have particular difficulty in responding sensitively especially to their infants’ and young children’s routine distress—such as during routine separations, despite these parents’ best intentions and efforts.[10] Although the great majority of survivors do not abuse others,[11] this difficulty in parenting may have adverse repercussions for their children’s social and emotional development if parents with this condition and their children do not receive appropriate treatment.[12][13]

Thus, a differentiation between the diagnostic category of C-PTSD and that of PTSD has been suggested. C-PTSD better describes the pervasive negative impact of chronic repetitive trauma than does PTSD alone.

“In my mind….C-PTSD is like a mental, emotional, and physical prison.  I may be in prison, but at least in there I can find my way around and Im safe. Here on the outside…..I feel lost,  alone,  scared,and invisible with no voice.”



I know its a scary road out there. Its a scary enough life to just be “normal” with no trauma or illness. To have it, is a very isolating feeling and adds more undo much unneeded stress in your life! Most of us ignore it for as long as we can. However, knowing that there are places, people, and resources out there, you no longer have to live in fear or feel rejected. Your NOT alone. I AM like you…I AM one of you! There are countless others as well! C-PTSD isnt a death sentence, neither is PTSD. Dont let it run you and your life. Its tough, I WILL say that. EVERYDAY brings new challenges. Find someone or somewhere that you can open up, and talk. Learn to be yourself. Find that strength inside you and just try. There WILL be unbearable times when you feel like you dont have it in you. You do. Butterflies go through an amazing transformation. I think those of us that have had such horrible nasty lives are like them. Those of us that have experienced such horrific tragedies deserve to grow into something so beautiful and prosper. We deserve that much. I think after those things we experience we are stuck in this cocoon….we marinate in it. Living in it for comfort. Possibly afraid to come out for fear of whats in store for us, or the unknown. However, when we get  the strength, the courage, and someone to help us through, we blossom into this beautiful creature, our wings form, and we begin to open up and fly free. Free of all the things that bind us and keep us into ourselves, shut off from the world. The world never gets to see us, to see us fly or be ourselves…to be free to fly, to show them what we are made of and how strong we are! We are adventurous, and brave. We are survivors! We are Butterflies! BOLDBEAUTIFUL, and BRAVE!  If I could reach through the computer and hold you and squeeze you and say “its ok,  Im here” I would. Letters on a screen will have to suffice for now. There are many reasons that a person suffers from these debilitating issues. The list can go on and on. Every one is different. No 2 people can suffer from the same trauma and feel or cope the same. Neither should be judged on how or when they cope either.  This is REAL…its life altering and a game changer. It affects millions of people EVERY year.

PTSD Facts

    • 7.7 million Americans age 18 and older have PTSD.
    • Relationships, Trauma, and PTSD

      Trauma survivors who have PTSD may have trouble with their close family relationships or friendships. Their symptoms can cause problems with trust, closeness, communication, and problem solving, which may affect the way the survivor acts with others. In turn, the way a loved one responds to him or her affects the trauma survivor. A circular pattern may develop that could harm relationships. Read more from the National Center for PTSD.

    • Get educated. Learn more. Help those around you if they come to you. Listen closely. They just may be coming to you. Take it as a compliment, if someone is suffering and thinks of you and trusting you, that says a lot. Be there for them! Dont turn them away and make them feel even more alone. Bad things happen everyday to those that feel like they have no voice. Dont let them feel isolated like nobody loves them and make it worse on them. Show them respect and that you care. You may be surprised on who is experiencing it and who has suffered great trauma most have many stories to tell like me. Open your heart and mind. Show love. Show you care

    • April is Mental Health Awareness Month
    • Wont you support me and others like me?
    • CPTSD


I wish for you this day, Peace, Balance and inner Harmony. That your mind, body, and spirit be cleansed and free from debris. That your soul can heal in the spiritual garden and  grow  to move up and on, by letting go of those things that are holding you back that plague you so much.  I wish for you that life treats you well, and that you find comfort in those around you that support you  in good health, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Peace & Love  ❤  until next  time my friends…thank you for reading and your continue support, with out you this wouldnt be possible. You are, and always will be my rock! ❤

Now go out there my pet….and spread your wings………..and fly!!!!!!!!


The Many Faces Of Addictions…..A thru Z


(One brief account)

I can remember sitting in front of the television. Watching one of my favorite shows. My mothers was gone, to the store I think. I pretended that if I didn’t make noise or if I just stayed quiet and didn’t cause any commotion that “he” wouldn’t bother me. I ALWAYS asked to go with her, for fear of being left alone with “him”. Why did she most times tell me no? DID she know? I believe all the clues were there. All was fine until “he” disappeared and I thought I was in the clear, safe no doubt today. I was wrong. “He” had come back from their room, only “he” was wearing my mothers sex toys in “his” pants. It was black, big, and very intimidating. “He” was running around, joking and laughing. It made me very uncomfortable. “He” made gestures and implications….God, “he” was a pig, and I hated “him” …every bit of “him”. “He” stood in front of me…swing it around in my face…telling me to look at it…making me stare at it. “He” told me to sit still and watch the tv…to NEVER turn away from it. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t. My feet felt like cement and my legs wouldn’t move. I was so scared and intimidated. I wanted to cry out for help…but nobody was around for me to scream to. I was alone, and I did what I was told to do. The tv changed, and to my surprise, it was porn. I was 10 or 11 at the time.

The thought and memory, still make me sick to my stomach, this was very difficult to write. I hope that in my writings, you the reader understand, that even though terrible things can happen to us, it happened for a reason and a purpose. Mine…was so later, I could be strong for those that needed it…and to help educate and talk about the things that people today avoid  and sweep under the rug. I want to encourage breaking the silence…and to let all the survivors and victims out there know, you ARE loved….and NOT alone!

“Being a victim or a survivor, no matter how you look at it, the two go hand in hand. Cant have one with out the other”. Is bad enough, but what about the issues and challenges that we face most times alone before, during, or after? The things that happen to us…the things that we end of doing to cope….or we feel like we get ourselves into. Whether it be by force, or on our own…most of us have these intoxicating issues……some so delicious…others not so pretty.  I’m talking about addiction(s) and Anxiety

ad·dic·tion (ə-dĭk′shən)


a. Compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance:  drugs and/or alcohol
b. An instance of this: a person with multiple chemical addictions.

a. The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something.
b.The need or strong desire to do, or have to do with something, or a VERY strong liking or urge for something.
c. – an abnormally strong craving  – an intense desire for some particular thing
“An over-indulgence of anything, even something as pure as water, can intoxicate.” 
― Criss JamiVenus in Arms


These are also addictions…

Shopping, gambling, food, sugar,exercise, work, internet, love, sex, porn, cutting or pain, fame, power, or control…ect.ect.



Studies have shown conclusively that, when compared to a non-victim or survivor, that the victims or survivors are more likely to become some form of an addict. By using various methods of addiction, we find its a very common way to cope with the traumas that were sustained even though they may inhibit the healing process. This is referred to as “numbing or numbing out” They numb out from the inside, that pain which is associated with any hurt, violence, or trauma that was or ( GOD FORBID) is experienced. Some use addiction not wanting to confront these instances or occurrences for many different reasons, ex: painful memories or thoughts, fear, fear of rejection….and some are simply not ready to tackle or know how to tackle this. So, they choose not to altogether. Some are alone. They shroud themselves most times, with alternate thoughts and sometimes makeup, or live in an alternate state of mind with no feelings at all….simply choosing to ignore it as if it never happened…only making matters worse. Some pretend by forming a “fake” personality or lifestyle pretending to be someone else or fabricating another person to avoid being noticed or recognized as a victim…maybe for safety reasons… Although, some victims, may have forgotten it, and their mind has chosen to protect them. The have no recollection of it at all.

” The body will do some very tricky things to acquire the chemicals it craves, including rearranging thought and emotional process.” 

A good example is how anxiety attacks and often times “conjured up”  by the body will occur to GET precisely what it desires.

Anxiety is one of the major leading roles that goes hand in hand with addiction. It feeds it. 

anx·i·e·ty (ăng-zī′ĭ-tē)

n. pl. anx·i·e·ties


a. A state of uneasiness and apprehension, as about future uncertainties.
b. A cause of anxiety: For some people, air travel is a real anxiety.
2. Psychiatry A state of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear resulting from the anticipation of a realistic or fantasized threatening event or situation, often impairing physical and psychological functioning.
3. Eager, often agitated desire: my anxiety to make a good impression.
Unfounded anxiety is a direct result of ALL addiction cycles         Symptoms vary in these as well:
Examples are:
resentful attitudes, risky behaviors, aggressiveness, or passiveness, mood swings ect ect.
Physical symptoms:
weight loss/gain, nervousness or twitches, reactive behavior instead of proactive
Feeling Overwhelmed:
not trusting yourself or your feelings, never feeling good enough, depression, lethargy, anxiety and isolation
Most of us believe that we are NOT the controllers or masters of our own kingdom or fate, that it is outside or out of reach for us. This simply is NOT true.
Most of us in one way or another “self medicate” or self soothe” it helps to maintain physical, emotional, and mental homeostasis. This IS true. 
There are many things that play into being a victim and survivor. I believe that when you learn these things, and the things that go along with it, you will learn not only about yourself, but about others. You will find that you have a more balanced understanding of what to expect and know that your not alone and what to expect. I find that even if your not a victim, educating those that aren’t also gives them an inside look at us, and things from our minds and eyes. It gives them a reason to listen and learn about all the things that we have to deal with on top of our everyday lives. We get so caught up in just that alone, that we forget to heal, and learn about ourselves. Its ok. I personally have my own addictions. I can safely, proudly, and confidently exclaim, that I have over 18 years clean and sober. I did it on my own, through self education, and self preservation…and a lotttt of damn healing….of course the healing is an ONGOING process I believe that NEVER stops. At least, for me. I have thrown myself into other more appropriate addictions and have learned whats safe and whats not. For instance one of them……..I LOVE the thrift stores or Vintage stores.!!!!!!!…bargains bargains bargains!! There are many other things that I could go into, like Triggers, Genetics and Recovery, but I wont. The point I’m trying to make, is that its ok if you are coping with your abuse in the form of addiction. “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger”.  What I’m trying to say that is , EVERYONE copes differently. We all have our own ways of healing.  Who is anyone to tell you that ” YOUR” way is the “WRONG way? If your addicted to something that’s NOT illegal and doesn’t hurt you or anyone around you, then I personally don’t see the harm in shopping. Unless, you are in debt. Which in that case…find something else. Lifes hard enough without being broke on top of everything else!!! Get into wood working, or mechanics, writing for me has become a habit and was a healthy “go to” for me as an abused kid growing up. I have ALWAYS went to writing of my poetry!!! We all have a way of working through our pains, and have our triggers. I still have mine. Its how you handle them and how you let it affect you that is the key here. For me, it matters on letting my abusers win. They have already taken so much from me….how much more could I possibly give them even now, years later?  Learn the cycles of abuse, learn it and stop it! “
“Dont let your life pass you by and let them win! They may have one the fight, but dont let them win the battle!” 
Having an addiction isn’t a death sentence….it means your human. We all make mistakes and errors. Acknowledge them, admit your human and learn from it. Be proactive, educate yourself about the signs. Dont lay down and give up on yourself and your life. You ARE special…You ARE loved…and you WILL heal from all this pain!!!!
“Not feeling is no replacement for reality. Your problems today are still your problems tomorrow” 
― Larry Michael Dredla
Be strong and courageous…you have it in you! You have come so far, have been through it all…you CAN and WILL be in a better place!!!
Peace & Love to you….may your spirit find balance and harmony, and may you live life like the way we ALL were intended to!
Let go of whats holding you back ……………..     }”i”{

Mothers of Sexually abused Children

Victims come in all shapes and sizes. No two stories alike. There is hope and people out there to help you. If you or someone you know needs help or are looking for answers…please dont hesitate. Your a great person, dont ever think or let anyone else make you think different. Your loved…and you deserve so much more. Let your voice be heard…come to a healing place and start your journey where you can mend those open wounds and turn them into nothing but a scar and a story. Remember, you are loved


Time for you Too


“Can you tell me the time?” …..”Do you have the time?” …..”We gotta hurry we’re late!!”…..” I dont have the time for this!!”

” The doctor is running a little behind today.”………”Your behind the times.” ………”What time are we supposed to be there?”……….” “How much time do you have?”

All questions that seem to hit home to at least one us. Caught up in the daily grind that most of us dont take the “TIME”  to stop and relax for minute. Life has become a rush of things. Forgetting the important things, and it flies by without notice. We have become yet, inevitably addicted to a fast paced life style without giving it a second thought. Why is that do you suppose? We see it every day….dont deny it. I think that what hits home for me, is that the things that matter get so easily forgotten. The important things. We dont stop long enough to notice that smile from someone special. Or, long enough to give, or feel, and enjoy that much needed hug! To listen to the ever important day from a 5 yr old telling it through his or her eyes. Maybe to sing along to the child’s favorite song and tell them what a wonderful voice they have!  To tell your teenager for no reason that your proud of him or her!  To take  a moment and include a little note saying “I LOVE YOU!” in a loved ones lunch box?? Do you stop long enough to say to the person in your life that matters so much …that you ” Truly Love them?” Its not that most of us have stopped long enough to see how selfish we to have become.

Or, to particularly admit that we maybe dont care. Often, we turn the other cheek to others needs and sometimes even forget our own. The truth hurts doesnt it? I know for me it does! The age of technology is rapidly increasing and now you can almost look any where and see that even a homeless person may have a device (though maybe not his or hers). I have noticed that parents have been so engulfed into their Ipads or iphones that the needs or desires of the child or family often times gets prolonged or ignored. Now, we all at some point are guilty of this. Myself included.

Video games….they seem to be a top offender!!! Notably, I have witnessed their power and attention spans go out the window when one is in play or use! The roof could be caving in, and mass destruction going on outside….but low and behold to finish level 28 is a must and nothing can keep that person from it!!! Death be to those that interfere with the video gamers….just a warning!!! lol

Its hard for me to understand the video game concept. –sitting for countless hours on your ass to play a unrealistic game and fight villains. No judging here, I just dont understand it. Personally, I think its time wasted, when life is going on, and passing you by, minute by minute.Time.…that you can not get back. However, if you agree about the video games…..isnt phones or Ipads just about the same? Still on them….countless hours of searching, shopping, or internet porn?

My point being;

Its all time that we are loosing. Isnt time precious enough without adding into the mix of things these devices that run our lives??? I think that its great that we have the tools to enhance our minds. I am using a computer right now. However, its to help you and myself for realistic purposes and to heal and grow. Im not here, day after day for hours at a time…watching my ass grow! (although, technically it is…gotta do something about that!) Maybe I see things differently then others. Maybe I notice things that others dont see. Maybe its that others notice but “CHOOSE” not to openly admit they see it as well. I AM, and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN,the type of person that “says it how she sees it person! ”  We are getting so enveloped in the things that seem to make our lives easier but to what cost? Who’s the suffering ones here? Sure we may becoming a more advanced race but the child is the one thats not quite there yet.

Now dont get me wrong. Im not saying its ALLLLLLLL technology’s fault. No. What im trying to say is that there are already enough things in this world that lets us forget time and its essence without going and adding technology into the mix of things.  From a childs perspective (I was one once) you need that attention. You need someone to listen to you, to make you feel as though you are important! Not a tv, or video game for a babysitter. The outside world is growing and changing. our parks, and nature is at our doors. They to, are changing everyday. Its harder and harder to explore these things and one day at the rate things are happening these too might forever be lost to us. To our children.  becoming nothing more than a book with mere pictures or stories that we tell. For me, thats NOT what I want. Whens the last time that you took the “TIME” to explore with your child? Or, the last time you went for a drive with your lover? Even, the last time you packed enough food for a picnic, even  if it is only in the backyard? Built a tent out of sheets or blankets and camped out and spent a few hours with your family? Turned the tv off and said to the family…or friends…” Come on, lets go find something to do outside and explore…lets go on an adventure?” More importantly….whens the last time that you …took time for you???

From a victims point of view, time ceases to exists and in most cases seems to stop or slow to a crawl. Often times, we sought out the attention we so desperately needed but nobody seemed to have the time or took it to listen to us. If someone might have taken the time, its quite possible I may not be here now writing to you about my life and views. However, for victims its not all the same. Some victims are still stuck in time. Unable to let go and heal. To recover from their past time.Which brings me to remind you all and those dearly loved victims out there…….grasp time. Never let it go! Enjoy it, live it, heal, help others, move on, love it, and those that share in it with you! Embrace time,dont loose it or be lost to it!  We overlook time and take it for granted. Its precious. A hot commodity. Can change at any given moment. Take a moment…listen to the world around you. Do you hear the world hustling and bustling outside your door? How important is “TIME” to you? What do you make of it? You cant change it, you cant get it back. You can however, enjoy what you have left, and what time is to come to pass. Its a gift, an invaluable treasure. Use it wisely.

Its never promised.

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Time is of the essence;

but mainly made of dust.

Here one minute, gone the next;

and yet, seems to be a must.

Whether it be minutes, hours, or even days;

Time is up to you, it can be viewed many different ways.

It gets lost, or away, but to some never really matters much;

Time is of the essence,

Mainly not for all of us!!!

G. Parkhurst


Lights, Camera, Action!!!!!


If I were to show up at your door? Would you invite me in? Would you hesitate? Would you act like yourself when Im in your home? Or would you pretend that your life and everyone in it were “normal” with no problems?

Thats the question I find myself asking these days. It seems as though most of us go through our lives on “Auto Pilot”

 When someone asks you –   ” How are you today’?  Do you really think they care or want to know? I think not….but ….again, would you really tell them if they did?

Or, would you “act” like your life is just “peachy” and continue about your day not giving it another thought? Do people in fact ” REALLY”…..I mean “REALLY” care?  How many times, have you yourself been in a hurry, ordered that coffee or went into a store to purchase something and some one kindly asks….” What are you up to today?”  Would you honestly answer? Do you? Is it any of their business? Your in to much of a rush to care, and quite frankly, its taking your precious time and keeping you from what you wanna do!!!!           Which brings me to my next segment:

Let me paint a picture for you.

A young child comes to you, or someone you know and tells you that he/ she is being molested. Home life isnt great, mothers beating her, step brothers picking on her and beating her up, and  she’s terrified and alone. She has tried to get your attention but to no avail has it worked. She’s went to school counselors and told and you seem to be the last person she has the energy to try to tell.  What do you do?

Lets do this….- Police come. Their are knocking on your door.  You answer. They come in. They tell you all about the notice they got from the school and they are there to check things out.  Do you play “Happy Family”?

 Do you pretend as if nothings wrong or amiss. Or do you “tell the police about this poor girl…lost and alone? Do you help her and save her. Or, do you turn a blind eye? “

In society today were are often on “Auto Pilot” not getting involved in those things that dont concern us, but rather turning a blind eye instead of trying  to stand up for the things in which we believe to be right or wrong. We have let our voices fade and not be recognized, and allowed many innocent bystanders to suffer great consequences. We have turned into a society that doesnt take accountability for ourselves but rather, blames it on others and despite the fact it IS our fault in doing so, we leave the victims out in the world still helpless and alone and  without a voice to STILL remain victims. Dont pretend that your ok. Stop playing the blame game. Speak up!  If someones nosy, let them know its not their business. To many people are getting involved and theirs just to many captains at the wheel out there, and not enough deck hands. Society had transformed into our MOTHER telling us whats right or wrong…when to step in…when not…if its ok to spank or discipline our children and how…. whats in style, whats not, if your to fat, and what size you should be…..and lastly…sex in the media….(then  everyone wonders why sex is so prominent these days Jesus…take a good look around you!!!) but when it counts…victims are forgotten. Lost in the midst of things. The things that REALLY matter.  Dont turn your back on someone when it counts. Dont be afraid to stand up for that which you believe in. Its your GOD given right to fight for it. As a child, your rights dont exist, you rely on those of the people that you trust to provide them for you. You rely on their safety, love, and encouragement. Its easy to say ” Well, Im not getting involved in that….it’s not my problem.” But……isnt it? At that point you are just as much to blame. Dont pretend. Lifes not a movie in progress…your not an actor. Give the victims you see out there a fighting chance. Help them to have their voices heard. Be their guide to finding it if you cant do it for them….but dont pretend that they and their troubles dont exist.

Ask yourself………What if it were you?

Life has a funny way of dealing out Karma……… day………….it could very well be.