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Demons, GOD, and Cough Surup

  1. (in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.
    synonyms: the Lord, the Almighty, the Creator, the Maker, the Godhead; More

  2. (in certain other religions) a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.
    “a moon god”
    synonyms: deitygoddess, divine being, celestial being, divinityimmortalavatar

  1. used for emphasis or to express emotions such as surprise, anger, or distress.
    “God, what did I do to deserve this?”

    We ALL our demons…..mine are part of my family. Unfortunately, we cant pick and choose them. I would pick demons over my family however, any day. At least I know what they are, in what closets they hide themselves, and what to expect from them. Cant say the same about my family…..they are about as fucked up as they come. In my family, its split in my directions, and the “normal” is complete chaos and dysfunction. My family has more secrets then any major government conspiracy I think. Its corrupt, full of lies, and abusers, thieves, and rapists…..that’s just a brief summary. Like I said…to bad that we cant pick our family…..I would have clearly elected to simply NOT have one at all!

    Whatever inner demons you carry with you, its your business. You should never be forced or guilt-ed into claiming, clarifying, or dealing with them from anyone. Or judged by them for that matter!!!! As highly trained as the professionals “may” be, with their glorified awards, and polished placards, doesn’t prove a DAMN thing to me! Sure it looks good on paper, or in a pretty frame, but what it doesn’t say or tell you is…… Do they have the personal experience? Anyone person can be trained or schooled. Not that I’m belittling or putting down those that go after their dreams or ambitions……..just that, it doesn’t  necessarily say anything more to me than….” you were eligible to be taught or trained, and spent XXXXXX amount of $$$$$ and countless hours of learning.”
    What about the realities of “REAL” life??? FIRST HAND???? NOT textbook??? I don’t want anyone that’s NEVER experienced, or shared in the same pains, dramas, or problems, to sit comfortably across from me, and try to tell me ALLLLLLLLLLLL about myself!!!!!! No thank you…..get the Hell outta my face! Who the HELL do you think you are??? You know nothing about me or my life…and have never walked in any of my shoes!!! I just really think that  person that is qualified, should be one that is an advocate and survivor themselves, NOT someone that read about the “HOW TO’S”
    I struggled with GOD and Religion for most of my youth, and into adulthood, and rightfully so. You say…” Aw, you poor thing, you were lost and confused, what  a tormented soul.” I say….lost and confused… soul was my own. Of course, these are my views and beliefs, nobody has the right to judge or criticize me,or anyone else on that note. I feel that I must also add that I grew up in church, also went to a Holiness Private school for sometime, was baptized Holiness, and was in Choir as well. Really, it was just slightly short of Quaker. At least it felt like that. Let me briefly explain. It taught fire & brimstone, hell on earth, and condemnation, long uncut hair, no jewelry (including wedding rings), no make-up, no tv, no premarital sex, obey GOD & husband, no gay rights or beliefs, long sleeves, long skirts or dresses, and no pants….that just the start of it. Really, it was a bunch of crap, with brain washing and a side order of cult!! Now hear me out. If you choose to go on your own as an adult, then thats completely up to you…but at least dont FORCE it on your innocent kids! Later in life, you will find that EVERYTHING you were taught was LIES…and that that the person you thought that was teaching you knew everything…..this is completely wrong. You paid to be part of the congregation and committee and followed and abided by “their” rules and regulations! You will find that over time the book has been rewritten and modified to suite the needs of the masses for that time period. Science has proof that undiscovered books that were left out of the Bilbe exists…..stories were written to draw you in and use scare tactics to control you,so you would follow their rules…and nobody elses. I could go on for ever!!
    Everyone claimed to be a CHRISTIAN, yet, was up in the mix of everyone elses business. They kept their own dark secrets and had “THEIR” own agendas….almost ALWAYS being the first to judge! They taught out of king James. Funny thing….there are so many versions of the BIBLE, and Religions, yet, EVERYONE claims “theirs” is the right one! The Bible has been proven to be nothing more than a man made book, comprised of short stories that have been modified over time to ensure law & order, by controlling the masses, ensuring some forms of regulation and equality. We all need faith…humans need something to believe in, I guess. A  member had a pastor that was sleeping with her and using her. Abuse, corruption, immoral lies and deceit….and yet, the followers held onto their faith. Interesting.
    I do have faith….I dont  however,have faith that GOD exists, nor does not…..I do however have faith and  spiritual belief that we are NOT alone in the vast galaxy….and that something more intelligent and powerful out there exists then us…..I can not believe that its GOD…its NEVER been proven. I hold onto my spirituality…and Inner Peace, it IS, and ALWAYS has been what has gotten me through….GOD has remained silent and  invisible.” -GP
    If there was a GOD…where was he/she when I needed him/her? All those times I was alone, and scared. He/she sat by and watched me get used, abused, and tormented and left me alone to feigned for myself. What about this “SO CALLED ALMIGHTY GOD”  for innocents? Church teaches us he is a merciful, loving GOD, that eases our pain, and suffering, by keeping us safe in his/her loving arms…never giving us more the we can handle….BULLSHIT!!!!!! Im calling it for WHAT it IS!!!!!  Im the person to tell you, GOD has abandoned his/her post…and went fishing!! I am in pain and dealing with various diseases on top of my fucked up life of varying abuse!!!! The stories we know are changing …and continue to do so. Most books were written hundreds of years after the claimed accounts, or certain ones even left out all together! WOW….these people had great memories…and how could they have been there to witness it themselves….I call shenanigans! I think that if this “GOD” didnt want the job then it shouldnt have been taken in the first place! The church has been guilty and still is of NOT accepting you unless you follow in line with them and become “LIKE” them. They are the biggest hypocrites. Not everyone wants to be like everyone else.
    (One brief short account)
    “He” had been getting more and more aggressive with me. Pushing himself more and more……I knew it was a matter of time before he raped me. I had at this point already been violated and raped by other people …I didnt want it to EVER happen again. NOT by him or ANYONE else. It was because of my safety…my life and being proactive that I left home. My sanity was at risk for being taken…I had lost so much already at this point…..and I had given so much. I was 12 or 13.
    Tonight was so cold. I could see my breath out. The frost was in my nose and it made it sting a bit. My fingers wer red and burning from being so icy cold. The wind blew on my face….numbing it,  and made it unbearable out. I had no coat…..thank goodness I wore warmer clothes today! The ground crunched under my feet with every step. The farther I got away from that house…the better and safer I felt! It was eerie and quiet out tonight. No doubt from the new frost and freezing ….people were at home, safely sleeping all warm and toasty in their beds. It was late October…maybe even November. I had ridden the bus all around town, and tried to get as much sleep as I could, knowing tonight was gonna be a long night. I needed to stay awake to make sure I was as safe as possible. I would sleep tonight at the bus station. It was lit fairly well. Tomorrow I would curl up like a cat as close to the back door of “his” sons grandparents apartment to be safe and out of the frosty air. It started to rain. Man, I hated getting wet. I hurried along. Jesus, it was so bitter and cold. I was hungry, but the cold made me forget I hadnt eaten in a couple days…..I couldnt remember. They never knew I slept there from time to time…even to this day, I dont think they know. I used a sitting bench and some pots, with the rug that was at the door to take the breeze off me, and help keep out some cold. It worked little, but offered some form of comfort to me. I closed my eyes, and let my senses be filled with the sounds around me, and the cold on my skin. I started to cry. I sobbed and it was such  lonely feeling, to feel lost, alone, and unloved. To know, that I wasnt missed. I laid there that night…. hungry, cold, my nose running….and asked this “GOD” why? I asked him if he despised me like my mother and everyone else…if he didnt want me like everyone else. I asked if I had done something to upset him…if I deserved this….and why? How could he leave me….to starve and be alone. That was the last time…I talked to “GOD” until my first grandson was born. Since then….its been hit or miss…and I have turned to a different belief and following.
    No matter the amount of demons you have or the things you have done …GOD should NEVER leave your side! Innocent women and children that need love and protection should be shown mercy. I believe in being proactive. Taking your life into your own hands. Believe in you and your strength will come to you…you will find it!  You have it in you! I refuse to hold onto the “hopes” that something, or someone will come rescue me, because, I rescued myself! The church turns a blind eye to abuse….at least they did when I was growing up. Never admitting to it…and denying any wrong doing. They judged you, yet, taught NOT to do it to others. they preach “HONESTY,LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, UNITY, but all are the first to ridicule and cast stones. I dont know about you, its wrong and goes against my beliefs. How can we in the very same breath, teach one thing to our children yet, ideally stand by and commit those those very same  acts against others and prosecute them so harshly? We ideally stand by and allow the church to break us down,mock, judge, ridicule, and scare us into those beliefs…and that we need them!  We teach to love yourself and accept your self for being an individual, but the church condemns you for this.
    Its a matter of views and beliefs yes, and personal choices or rights. However, how can anyone person point fingers if they themselves  are doing this very thing????? Brain washing you to thinking that you or I are anything less then perfect just the way we are? Something to think about I’d say. Illogical and immoral in my book. To think that its all ones fault is error. Its not. Dont allow the beliefs and morals of any one group or individual, to sway or influence you into thinking that there is anything wrong with you. You dont need to follow others to save your soul. Search within yourself, you may find that you already posses the answers you seek. If not…..Im sure they will come!
    (COUGH SURUP)….makes me sick
    Peace,Love and Harmony to you…as you search for your own inner happiness and seek to find your strength. Dont give in to others ideas about what should be….but invite your own ideas and live by your own standards and code! I wish for you love on your journey…and strength and peace in knowing your not alone out there. Always know, you ARE someone special, and I love you! ❤