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Book Covers


I was just reading a story. About a young boy invited to a birthday party. The theme, princesses and castles. Though he was the only boy, his parents let him go. He asked if he could dress up in a costume as well. They allowed it. He was maybe 5 or 6. The parents ridiculed the parents of the young boy. Judging them harshly. Yet, the other small children invited him in, gave compliments on his costume, and never gave it a second thought. It brings my attention to Society. Why is it that as a society we have all of a sudden thought that we can just over step our bounds and freely open our mouth to give an opinion that wasnt asked for in the first damn place? We are like bulls in a China closet for Pete’s sake! It bothers me, as Im sure it bothers a lot of people.I blogged and posted a similar post talking about judging others. Easy to do since your on the dishing out end.

What about the receiving end of things? Have you ever been judged or bullied? Its horrible! I think its something thats becoming more and more prevalent, and forgiven more often. I believe its like a disease….”must open mouth”….to- say-something-negative…… I believe that people need to keep more to them selves instead of up in everyone’s business inviting themselves in to tell you alllllll about yourself and what your doing wrong.  Of course, when confronted, these people are the very same ones that when you try to tell them about themselves or offer constructive criticisms they become belligerent idiots and start acting like fools getting angry and hostile! The more we turn a blind eye to it and pretend that it doesnt exist, the more it seems to happen. If it doesnt hurt you, and doesnt affect you….then keep out of it. It doesnt pertain to you. Some how, people automatically assume that because we have this “Freedom of Speech” that we are entitled to be asses about how we feel and can treat strangers like dogs or scum.  Like they are “ABOVE” everyone else! I get so frustrated with people on this scale of things. Just because you have a  mouth doesnt mean you should open it as often as you think that you should. Brings me back to “If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all.” What happened to that? What happened to tact? What happened to manners and minding your own business if there is no threat involved. If you, or someone around you safety’s is not threatened…back off!

As the general public a lot of us are guilty of this. Being sick with illnesses is another prime example. I have a few diseases that I have to take day by day. When you look at me or someone like me…you can not tell Im not well. However, people are quick to judge. Ruling out the fact that they dont know what the hell they think they know in the first place! People with illnesses dont have tattoos on their foreheads saying their sick. Why should they(we)….? Its not anyones business Im not feeling good or in pain…or that I cant move …ect. ect.  Also, that of a victim. Its an out cry and people should be ashamed of themselves for telling someone to “get over it” or “isnt about time you let that go’? They really have no idea…but have full intentions on judging someone without knowing the first thing about being one!  I think that the old sayings should come back. Times have changed….and sometimes I think not for the better of our interests. People are getting out of hand and so is their attitudes and opinions. Feelings arent taken into account and get trampled on so easily. Some people are over bearing and over opinionated. Its rude and inconsiderate. To me, its another form of bullying. But adult style.  We are so busy wrapped up in the dramas of others, that life is passing us by in our very own lives. Take a step back and weigh out your options….there can be consequences to opening your mouth and giving your unwarranted opinion. Are you ready to take a chance and ruin relationships over your indecent jabbering? What are we teaching our youth when we behave this way? How can we correct them when they have learned by watching us with their own eyes? We are supposed to be leading by example. Fine specimen we are.

Bottom Line is: dont judge a book by its cover, you might find the contents arent what you were expecting, and know nothing about in the first place!!


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The Fundamentals of Baggage Claim


What’s in your wallet? Or purse? No. Not the Capital One Commercial question.

What are you carrying around with you? If you were to dump out the contents of your purse of wallet, what would you find? Are all the items worth keeping? Do they have uses, or have you gotten so comfortable with carrying them unnecessarily around, that you have simply forgotten that they are merely there? Is it possible that you hold on to those items that just in the chance you “might” need it? Do you struggle to let them go?

The big question you find yourself asking is;

” Why am I still holding onto and carrying these items?”

(One account)

Beaten,battered, and bruised, cowering on the bedroom floor barricaded in with a nightstand and my feet planted as hard as I could. I gripped my two small children in terror. Fear pulsing in my veins, shaken and trembling. I sat listening to the police invade my home destroying it and its contents, searching no doubt for the bastard that had just beaten me in front of my children. His children. We were all huddled together, I nothing more then a mere child of just 18 at the time with my 2 small kids. Afraid,and confused. They brought the dogs this time. He had more warrants and this time, he was hiding like the coward that he was, trying to tuck himself into the space underneath the stairs. They would get him…and they did!! They let the dogs do the hard work this time…sniffing him like the looser he was! I was so angry and yet petrified at the same time. Time seemed to change in an instant. His mood always did when he was coming down off a high, and/or alcohol. It was the norm for him to go to work on a Friday and that would be the last time I would see him  most times, until Monday morning when the phone would ring…and it would be his boss looking for him again no doubt. He always got paid on a Friday, and most times, he got a motel room, boozed it up, and got high all weekend, coming home broke and pissed off. He always took it out on me. They got him cuffed now, taking him outside. I locked the bedroom door,  kids safely inside, and followed the police outside. He was screaming at me, cursing me and my name. Making threats and at this point the female officer maced him.  God that felt good to see!  She told him that was enough. I had bruises, was terrified. I was embarrassed, and ashamed. For some reason, I was drawn to him like a moth to a light. His voice would bring me to my knees and I would once again be weak. Little did I know, that day wouldn’t be the last. In fact, I would suffer a great many more times and to various degrees,until one day, I met my night and shining armor. (Thats another story, for another day)

How many more times would I suffer?

What was I carrying around with me of any value? Was it benefiting me at all?

Why couldn’t I let it go? Was it worth keeping? What power had he have on me?

“The time has come to lay that baggage down and leave behind all the struggling and striving. You can be set free as you journey forward into a balanced healthy and rewarding future.” – Sue Augustine


The problem with most of us is that we are carrying around some form of items that we are attached to unnecessarily. Items that have no use and we arent benefiting from. I held onto these various accounts for most of my life.Taking out the contents and hurting the ones i loved with them. It wasnt their faults…I just didnt know how or what I was doing by NOT letting go of these items that were dragging me and my relationships with everyone down.It was affecting me and my life in many aspects and putting up barriers from me living my life the way it should be lived. I wasnt the only one suffering…others around me suffered…and it was unnecessary. To what cost would I hold onto these things and not let them go? it took someone to show me, to tell me, to point it out. I realized then, the pain I was causing, and the people it affected so deeply. Even years after they had been long and gone. They were deep seated issues sure. Yes, took me sometime to get a handle on them but, what about the people that cant get that handle on them? This I think is a toughie. Most of us carry with us burdens, scars, bruises, and the not so loved….emotional baggage, some not even our own to bear.  We go through life broken, alone, and afraid. Much like the purse or wallet, learning how and when to dump them out and clean it up is a huge task. First you must open the purse or wallet. Dig out whatever item it is thats bothering you and throw it out without looking back! For some, they have no idea what particular item is bugging them until often times its right under their nose.Others have a difficult times wanting to let go. They are attached to articles or items that have no monetary or significant value, but more a personal,emotional attachment, or  even memory. Maybe for fear of forgetting? They fear that if the items is let go, they will be forced to move on and face the fact that they have to deal with whatever they are avoiding in the first place.   Grudges are an offender as well. Lifes just to short to hold onto them, getting sucked into that negativity……learn to let go!!!Was the item a good or bad connection? That in itself may have something to do with it? If it was bad, some find it easier to let it go. Others use it to gain strength while others focus on it, and its power engulfs them. It destroys them. Some just struggle period. There is no right or wrong in dumping out your purse or wallet. Honestly, its just a metaphor, but by now, Im sure you have gotten the picture.

Not just pertaining to items in your purse, but things that you carry with you everyday. Are they worth all the baggage and weight? Arent you tired of carrying them  and the weight around? Nows as good as time as ever to start the cleaning and let the baggage go. Leave it for the rightful owner. Unpack, and put the luggage way. Enjoy the freedoms of not having to be weighed down and let others feel that same pressure being released from you! Lifes to short to carry with you all the emotional and whatever else baggage you carry!

“There’s a luggage limit to every passenger on a flight. The same rules apply to your life. You must eliminate some baggage before you can fly.”  – Rosalind Johnson  

Let those things that bind you go!

Toss out the idea that you “need” to hold on to it just case!

In the end its luggage, its meant to be dropped off…cleaned out, any leftovers thrown out, then safely stored away for someone else to use! You dont have to keep it. Its baggage. If it doesnt belong to you, find its owner, and let them have it.