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Exploring the world through caring thoughts, the freedoms of guilt free emotions, and looking at the world through the eyes of someone elses perspective seeking to enhance and set free your soul by opening your heart and mind


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Im sitting here today…trying to think of something thats uplifting and that hasnt already been said. Most of the things Ive shared hold something close for me. It all has meaning and I believe has to be shared. By sharing we tend to let others have a peek inside of our most deepest sacred thoughts and feelings. Im not saying that I want my business out there. No. What Im saying is that if you want to learn to explore yourself more and grow, you need to retrain yourself to be more open to the possibilities of things. I think that people tend to look at emotions as a negative. They hide them away tucked inside like a crumb in the cushion of a long forgotten couch or chair. Pulling that crumb out, you discover it all over again…and it becomes a wow factor. Some I think like to keep that crumb in the cushion. But, eventually, if you never pull out that crumb not only are you forgetting it…but something somewhere, or someone may trigger you to remember its there. Its not a good thing most times. Embracing the crumb……now thats a thought! I think at one point I had a FULL bag of crumbs…..could have been mistaken at one point as a bag of chips. But one by one, I began to pull them out, look at them, decide which ones to throw away and move on. Some crumbs were bigger then others. Others I realized they were just way to small and immediately I tossed them out. Finding the strength and courage to dig them up is a task all on its own. Nobodys crumbs are the same, they vary in size and matter. Nobody can tell you how to deal with them…or what choice to make when you see them again, for what feels like the first time. And, lets not forget…nobody can tell you how long to hold onto that crumb or when to throw it away. I guess when someone asks you how you feel you could always respond by saying …” I feel crumby!” LOL Everyday is a new day…and Im not totally crumb free. Really in fact, I believe that none of us are. 
I will share little blogs and quotes as usual…some will be more close to home…others funny…but ALWAYS uplifting. My goal is to share a tear, a laugh, and more about myself. Through sharing…I believe that all of us out there can learn and grow in spirit…and go through life feeling satisfied and happy. Isnt that what lifes all about….? To grow and learn….to get all you can out of it…being that we only have one life to live? I was writing blogs on a website…and found that even though I had followers…I wasnt reaching the people I know or care about. Yes, I love talking to strangers…to help everyone and not leave them behind is a goal of mine. Through the power of words…and my emotional sharing and positivity I find whats most rewarding is that you all see it…think about it…and ponder it in your own daily lives, putting to use a phrase or what meaning you got out of something that you seen here on my page. Thats enough for me. Im glad that you all love to read my page…Im glad that you have allowed me so graciously to be part of your story. It warms my heart knowing that not all bad things have a bad ending…that through the power of healing and enlightenment….there is a light at the end of the tunnel……and definitely with less crumbs!
Love & Peace.

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