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4th of July Zombies…..

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Its that most annoying time of the year for most….and the most noisiest! From about June 27th to July &th people seem to have lost their minds! Most of us are walking around like Zombies from sleep deprivation and extremely irritable! Im talking about those whom for some unGODly reason dont sleep…or may not have a job between the age range of about 16 to 28…..thats pushing it….either tanked up on drugs or maybe drunk off their asses! Whatever the case maybe …these people must NOT have a job!!! The tend to light off the large fireworks…you know that ones Im talking about…the ones that are about 1/4 stick of dynamite or more! The ones that scare the shit out of you no matter where you are. The people must have no re-guard for those that have to get up early to go about their own daily grind. The thing that gets me most is that you lay down to put your head on your pillow…..and BOOM!!!! out of no where loud bangs break out! Then , thinking that it is over you just start to trail off and again…BOOM!!!!! these are no for the faint of heart either…these are dangerous fireworks and cause destruction. Now, dont get me wrong, I LOVE fireworks….I think they are beautiful and its a magical time of year for everyone….makes me feel like a kid!I just think that there was w a reason that these things were made illegal. The fact of the matter is….when its about 12 midnight and you KNOW  that people are trying to sleep to get up to work…couildnt you STOP blowing up fireworks? Im NOT saying NEVER light them….just not after about 10 pm….thats fair I think. Of all people I feel sorry for those whom have to get up around 2 or 3 am….mush like my husband. Every year…myself including….I want to get into my car and run over people to have it stop! I feel like the old Donald Duck cartoon…you know that one where he gets no sleep and his eyes are bloodshot, he looks crazy and looses his mind!!!!!! Yeah, thats me folks……..dabada dabada …..thats all FOLKS!!!!! 

In a nut shell….Im simply wondering why those that have fireworks be considerate for those that work. Waking up to go to work or just waking up drained for the next 2 weeks isnt something that anyone looks forward to…we all have responsibilities and I think that as being an adult or someone whom has these fireworks you should act like one! It makes people like us go crazy from lack of sleep….and Im not saying I wont run someone over…..I will simply claim Im to tired……

Look out for Zombies…they dont think, they do!!! 

Until next time….Chow.


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