First Steps

Exploring the world through caring thoughts, the freedoms of guilt free emotions, and looking at the world through the eyes of someone elses perspective seeking to enhance and set free your soul by opening your heart and mind


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As I sat on the back porch emotions running wild…I was talking to my son. He has recently moved back in with my husband and I. He has various problems emotionally, and psychologically. He was born with a few chemicals missing I think…but all in all he is a great person, often misunderstood and lost in himself. He is not mentally slow, or as some would say “retarded” no…he just suffers from some learning disabilities and ADHD, ODD, chronic depression, and Bi-polar….as well as headaches and ect, ect….I found myself wrapped up in our conversation. Focused on each word that he shared with me. Intently watching him and listening to his heart felt self story. He’s 20 now. Life hasnt always been easy for him. He has had numerous struggles and school, and friends has been the worst for him.  As I sit there listening to him…we were enjoying some tea and sitting under  the canopy on the deck as the rain graced us with its ever grooling presence…enveloped in the soothing sounds. I found myself looking over to one of my many flowers…and realized that the reason I was starring at it was clear. You see….my husband and I bought this beautiful bright red Gerber Daisy in a pot. This is what I said to my son…… ” you see this red flower here? I bought it because all the petals on this daisy were red BUT 2. They were yellow. It caught my eye. I knew I had to have it because it was different.  If not me..then someone else that looks for different things would surely have bought it to. But I feel special now because its mine.  Look at it now….it has 3 blooms connected to one another…never separating but growing together making 1 different bloom…unique and special. Someone may have just thrown it away thinking it was weird and not wanting it…but me….I believe that no matter how different one thing is it all deserves love and to be cared for. Its the uniqueness of it that lets its beauty shine out for others to see. You are special and unique….much like this flower. Strong and bright, and growing in all directions….I love you for that. You are such an encouragement for me.” 

You see….we all are different…we all deserve to be loved 

we all are special no matter how others see us. 

I would never consider throwing something out or treating someone badly because they are different. Never judging or being dishonest. Get to know them….understand them…because to be honest, we have no idea what  burdens someone might be carrying…what they have gone through…or what pain or hurt they might be suffering from. I love my son…and I will be there for him and my children for as long as they need me. I am there cheerleader and encouragement team….their support system when they feel alone….and to all the people in my life, they know that they can count on me… I will always be there….to love you and to show you that no matter how rough or difficult your life may seem…no matter how alone or different you feel…that in the end, someone ….some where loves you!!! Your not nor EVER alone!!!!!


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