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Embracing Naked Feet……..

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” Gonna become part of the Black Foot Tribe again huh sweety?” Repeated words said to me by my husband just a day or so ago. Of course my answer was “YES.” lol. For the next few months my feet will be black, cracked, dry….but in essence….FREEEEEEEE! ;0) When you think about it…we were born barefoot. We crawled and learned to walk (most of us) without shoes. I get to hot if I wear socks and shoes for long periods of time. I dont know how people can wear big combat boots, construction steel toed, or even tennis shoes on hot summer days. Even while gardening I wear the minimum….flip-flops.Of course my feet are black and I wash them…but I am at one with the dirt and it makes me feel alive and free.Flip-flops is a must have in my Spring, Summer, and some Fall wardrobe!!! Sure its against doctors orders…..and yes, of course my husband gave up that battle of reminding me about it 3 years ago or more. Our heads, hands and feet are our thermometers and help regulate our body temp. Some people sleep with socks on at night…..ugh…waaaay to hot for me! No way…no thank you! (Just an insert here…if I ever become sick and stuck in bed….please dont let them put socks on me!!!) I have tried it and put oils on my feet to soften them and heal and end up not sleeping and taking them off anyhow! I have loved to run barefoot and let my feet touch the coolness of the bare floor, the wet damp earth between my toes, the waters, the sands, even gravel. I feel an odd connection with the ground. Some could say I feel grounded….(dumb joke, but true) I give myself plenty of little home foot scrubs….I really need a pedicure….(any offers? lol) but my feet love me and thank me for the adventure that I take them on. They have been many places and I feel attached to them. Without them I wouldn’t go very far. I appreciate them and give them the love they so deserve! I find it ironic that we are born into this world without anything on our feet..and go out much the same. Some cultures have no shoes…some cant afford it…some choose NOT to . In the long run…shoes arent a necessity…we choose to make people wear them. I think the signs you see that say…”NO shoes, No shirt, No service” …….should disclude the shoes part. Maybe they should offer a sfoot cleaning station for patrons much like a bathroom…just put in a floor sink….lol ( just a thought) I have seen movies…people just dont like shoes. Some do. I wont discriminate against them. lol The bottom line is that our travelling pals deserve to feel free…they are couped up, bundled up…wrapped up, and imprisoned into this jail and stuffed into and uncomfortable device for hours on end and forced to hold their breath! You try it and see what happens when you cant breath!!! lmao As I get older, Im finding that my patience is wearing thin and I want my heart to feel as free as my feet. Maybe thats the problem with a lot of us…our feet are so strangled that we have bad attitudes! Untie your shoes, strip off those sweaty socks, and embrace the naked feeling of freedom! I dont remember much of my childhood that was good…but I can tell you this. I can look back and say that I ran without shoes for most of my younger days…got slivers like nobody’s business…but it was the closest that I can recall to feeling free. Maybe it had something to do with me and the past I had subconsciously….maybe the closest I thought I could ever get..and even now…when I go through my days, home or away…any chance I get…I let my feet get the well deserved breath of fresh air they so love. Im not sure if its them or myself that loves it more…

Sure…my family on my mothers side did have Black Foot Indian in their side….thats no lie. Im pretty sure thats NOT what my husband meant. Its ok though, I will embrace it! SO, for the next few months…if you notice a woman with black feet….dont judge to harshly…she’s just tapping into her inner foot GODDESS and letting her inner child come out and her feet be FREEEEEE! Go ahead…nobodys looking….untie your shoes, slip off your socks, go naked into the night    and let your feet be your guide! GO BAREFOOT!!!!!


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