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Kids and COD

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I picked my grandson up from his daycare. He is turning 5 this July. I sat and talked with him as we gathered his belongings for his overnight stay with me and his poppa. I couldn’t  help but over hear the daughter of the daycare owner talking to another parent about a sleep over that she was having for her son who was the same age as my grandson. (For history…I used to coach her and my daughter for girls baseball for many years and know her and her mother very well.) I listened as the mother said  ” I dont mind if he plays video games” The girl replied…. “well ok…its Call of Duty Black Ops and my son has been playing it for a year now”………..(keep in mind her son is 4.5 yrs old.) I was astonished!!! What are we teaching and training our grandchildren and children? She said he played it now for a year? OMG!!!! That means he was 3.5?So, the person that I am….I turned and asked…..” (her name) seriously you let your kid play that game? Do you know whats even on there? I then followed by saying that there is a reason that there is a rating on it! Im sure that most parents would agree that given the nature of the game and the violence that is in it that we would not allow our innocent kids to be a part of that. I know that the generations change and this one is the technology generation…but come on? really? If you know nothing of this game and what it entails I strongly suggest looking it up. I then asked this girl when we train young minds “why do you think that Columbine happened?” Or random shootings? I am a gun owner and proud of it…but in no way would I EVER EVER allow my grandson to play such graphic  violence games! I just thought I would share…it has been on my mind since yesterday. To add to that, the parent of the other child that was going to allow her son to spend the night for the sleep over…thought twice. She knew nothing of that game nor the nature and its contents! My husband doesn’t even play when our grandsons around…he watches it! I am for young children learning and growing… experiencing technical things…I am all for that…but not in manners such as that. As a community, as a responsible grandparent and parent…I believe that it’s my job to ensure the health and well being of his mind. To preserve it for as long as possible without corrupting it before its inevitable time. Why force the issue…it will happen. But, shouldn’t we be monitoring our kids closer? Knowing what our children are doing? When all else fails….the only ones to blame for the way these young children are is ourselves. We fail them every time we don’t do our jobs the best we can. I know we get caught up in our own busy lives….but should we be sacrificing our kids minds in the process? Im not perfect…nor am I claiming any of the sort….but video games being used as a babysitter is not the answer……at such a young impressionable age…their minds take in so much and absorb it like sponges…is this the material that we want them having embedded. I know one things for sure…brain washing my kids or grandchildren to do combat, violence, war, blood shed, unnecessary death, hurt or mortal combat…is NOT allowable. Before I left the door that day, I turn to add….” What you do with your children is up to you…but I ask that my grandchild not be exposed to such things!” I guess we need to know the parents to…and make sure we are all on the same pages! Im not perfect…and definitely telling anyone how to raise or rear their child….just sharing a story, and my views…what you choose to do is up to you….but again…in the end, how they turn out, decisions they make in the future could have been a direct impact on the choices that we allowed and the viewing material we let them choose.


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