First Steps

Exploring the world through caring thoughts, the freedoms of guilt free emotions, and looking at the world through the eyes of someone elses perspective seeking to enhance and set free your soul by opening your heart and mind

A Battered Beginning


Never gonna give in

Never gonna get out


Here to stick it out

Bravery, Courage

to stand alone

To fight for my life,

my freedom, my home

Mark me, give me pain

Its useless like you, all in vain

I was just blind

My eyes couldnt see

You never loved you

How could you care about me?

I hope you are happy

For all that you’ve done

Because I am grateful

For what I was shown

To naive to loose faith

It was you I was to escape

Your a toxic drug coursing through my veins

Im cleaning you out, grabbing the reins

Be gone, get out

Dont come around anymore!

Im strong, Im me

Now get out, hit the door!

Your face nothing but a memory that I can say

but not good, nor great

nothing but a bad dream that       s l o  w   l  y          fades              a     w     a    y







2 thoughts on “A Battered Beginning

  1. Thank you for this poem Gwen, It reminded me to clarify a comment I made to my wife the other day about her mom (a wonderful lady who suffered abuse for all of her adult life). You never know who your words will touch.

    This blog, your blog is a wonderful treatment of a sensitive, far too private subject that needs more exposure. I am sure it helps many that you are never aware of.

    • It is my pleasure. I hope it touches many others as well. My mother was a victim then became the perpetrator then I became victim. Those feeling or thoughts never go away, but healing can help to cataloge them where they need to be placed to ensure some sort of closure. We all need it. I myself, am still working on it. A life time of pain and suffering doesnt go away overnight. Your wifes mother and your wife are in my thoughts….be strong for them. When they are weak, they will need you to hold them up!

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