First Steps

Exploring the world through caring thoughts, the freedoms of guilt free emotions, and looking at the world through the eyes of someone elses perspective seeking to enhance and set free your soul by opening your heart and mind

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Calling to Me….


I draw my breath from the sea;

Its voice how sweet, it calls to me.

Its breath filling me.

My long hair like tall spun grass;

blowing wild and carefree.

It caresses my skin entrancing me .

 Shimmering skin kissed from the sun;

Mind, body, spirit, we are one….we are one.

The sun warms me.

Musical sounds of harmonious waves;

Beating upon my sandy throne.

The sweet, sweet music calling me…… calling me home.

A smile joyously filled like a beacon of light;

Crafted with care from shells of pure white.

It draws me, it draws me.

Eyes as deep blue as the waters from below;

Smokey, sultry, and inviting as night.

Seducing me, seducing me.

From scales and fins, to luscious legs;

and a body made from the sea.

The ocean beckons ……calling, calling me to come home.







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Burning Ember…..

Like a burning ember….

the memories of you are forever etched into my soul

I carry with me like a torch

a special love for you that will burn forever more.

Like a burning ember…….

Your friendship has bonded us together like glue to paper

and burrowed its way through to my core.

Like a burning ember……

It has been delicately spun like silk in a web

yet blossoms like a flower growing stronger in time.

Like a burning ember……

The moments we shared have been frozen in time in my mind

like waters over a pond on a cold winters night.

Like a burning ember……

My heart and soul share a love for you 

like the sun and moon with the stars.

Like a burning ember…..

With that, I am forever your friend until the sun sets no more

Upon that journey we will embrace the heavens together and start over once more.

Like a burning ember……..