First Steps

Exploring the world through caring thoughts, the freedoms of guilt free emotions, and looking at the world through the eyes of someone elses perspective seeking to enhance and set free your soul by opening your heart and mind


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I lived in a time where traditions (though weird) occurred every holiday or Sunday. We sat at the dinner table and talked. Most times the family picked on me or teased cruelly. Never the less we all always gathered at the table. I have talked to others my age, and did some research. Others have had there own traditions and be that as it may be…not everyone agrees on what others do or have….we all have had or do have traditions. This past weekend I noticed a beautiful bride in a gorgeous dress….she had a lovely reception set up and by my guess her wedding at the beach where I had stayed. I imagined that it was lovely and the weather was perfect for such a honorable day to take place. I caught a glimpse of the new bride and and she was saying her goodbyes in the parking lot where we had pulled into our hotel. I couldn’t tell whether people had been congratulating her or comforting her. I couldn’t hear their voices or the sound of their tone. I stayed in my vehicle and watched patiently and monitored her movements and actions. I then realized that she was alone. No groom. No wedding party. Very very alone. I was puzzled as to where they were or had gone. She wore her strapless gown and strolled over to her car. Accompanied by of course her flip- flops. The look on her face grew dimmer and more gloomy. I could tell that something had gone array. The woman in me ….well, my gut began to wrench. My heart ached briefly for her at the thought that she might in fact be alone and the thought crossed my mind of what could have been. I soon shook my head and banished the thought just as quickly. Could she have been stood up? Where was the groom? Was she alone? I felt horrible. I convinced myself that the groom would be out soon to follow maybe he was in taking care of some last minute business and maybe he was already  in the car. I told my husband that I wanted to wait until she pulled out and see if he was in the car. Yes. My curiosity got the best of me…some would in fact argue that I was probably being very nosy. Oh well. She backed up and pulled out…driving away. The look on her face was complete sadness. As she sped away almost out of sight I noticed that her beautiful gown was slammed in the car door of her car. What a CRIME!!! Later, I realized that who was I to judge who or what she did? Could I have misjudged her and placed a wrong impression of myself on my husband? Who did I think I was? Traditions aren’t in nature by what others do and you are forced to follow! They are set in place by those that choose to follow them and make up their own as they go. If they choose to change them as they go then they can. Man, woman, boy, or girl….same sex…or not…either way the great thing about them is that anyone can make them…making up their own rules as they go. No traditions are wrong…its up to you to decide what memories are going to be left behind. Families come and go…its what is left behind that leave the stories for each kin to tell the next. The celebrations and memories that we made and shared in. Im glad that I got to make my own….some now I hope to carry on with my new friends ..and keep them and the memories going for much longer then a lifetime! Image

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