First Steps

Exploring the world through caring thoughts, the freedoms of guilt free emotions, and looking at the world through the eyes of someone elses perspective seeking to enhance and set free your soul by opening your heart and mind

Love in a MIst


The laughter and love of the oceans

smells and sounds, wrap their arms around

me like a coat filled with a warm embrace.

Gentle breezes that caress my skin

and envoge my soul, filling my senses with

the sweet salty salty air.

Eagles soar in the blue lit sky relishing

in their freedoms to explore.

Smooth sands take me to my happy place,

as fond memories rush in like the dull roar of the waters

edge like beating drums.

Grasses dance to and fro,

to the sweet love song in the wind,

as white clouds bounce the light off the sun lit waters below

to shower kisses each day


4 thoughts on “Love in a MIst

  1. This is so beautiful Gwen, lovely words.

    • thank you for reading….Im glad that you like it. I am a hopeless romantic…lover, not a fighter…and I see things and feel things diferently thatn some…so, Im glad that you read it and follow me…nice to know someones watching! ;0)

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