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Exploring the world through caring thoughts, the freedoms of guilt free emotions, and looking at the world through the eyes of someone elses perspective seeking to enhance and set free your soul by opening your heart and mind


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As a victim of abuse I have noticed that I can pick certain people out of a crowd. I can see victims when I stroll down the street or just sit at the table in a restaurant. I’m not saying that I’m  physic  but I think that most of us have a look in our eyes that we carry with us. When you talk to someone sometimes you can see pain in their eyes. Some happiness, others fear or rejection. I think that if you look deep enough (if you take the time) you my noticed one or all of these things. Its sad really. To look at someone and see that they have felt or experienced loss, grief or brutal cruelty in some way. I noticed this some years ago and was just talking about this with my old friend. She and I share a long past together that has bound us by an inseparable history of friendship. This has been the topic of our many conversations…..and I know that most people dont speak of it. Have you ever paid attention to someone that is in pain or not feeling well? It is most common in hospitals or medical settings to be able to recognize those things in a patients eyes without the use of words. Sometimes, its the only that you may have and have to use your best judgement. Words sometimes are for a loss, or can not simply be spoken. For instance, a small child…you can see it in their face.

I believe that as we get older, we learn to mask it a little better. Especially from our partners or people we hold dear to us. Some the pain (what ever it may be) may not be as recognizable as others…some are better cloakers then some. A person that has not experienced these things may or may not know this and be completely oblivious to it…non intentionally of course. Recognizing these    feelings and findings I also have the same perception towards bad, evil, or nasty people. You know the ones I mean…. the kind that you wouldn’t leave alone with your child or your mother or grandmother. They have no tact, no good character, or sense of honest goodness in them. Sometimes you get those eerie feelings when your in their presence and you get the creeps or goose bumps….you feel like they want to wear your skin…those ones…those are the bad ones!!! You can see that they are mean deceitful people that if given the chance would harm you or rob you if they could. I’m not saying judge  book by its cover… I’m just saying that there are some people i this world that scare the shit out of me. I’m sure you would agree that just because someone looks bad doesn’t mean they are and that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying the ones that make you feel like your their prey when they look at you…..then they probably are. Besides, after what I have been through I think I have earned my badge to picking out the bad ones….not one person could argue or tell me different. If they tried…well, thy have never nor will they never be in my shoes. 

This brings me to the souls. Eyes….eyes are our windows to our souls.

Take minute. Reflect. The next time you think you know someone….you may not. It could be someone close to you…or a stranger, a barista, the mail man, even your parent or family member. Take the time to listen…listen with your eyes close to theirs. Give them special attention. What are they saying to you with their eyes???? What do their eyes say about their soul? 

IN the mirror…what does your figure say to you? Look deep …..What do your eyes say about your soul?

“Eyes are the window to our souls”

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