First Steps

Exploring the world through caring thoughts, the freedoms of guilt free emotions, and looking at the world through the eyes of someone elses perspective seeking to enhance and set free your soul by opening your heart and mind


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I struggled these last few days trying to come up with something to write about. I come up with something great…a poem, a saying, even a photo opportunity….but today…..I really want to talk about “FREE”. They say the best things in life are free……what exactly does that mean? Who wrote that? I reflect on the call I just got….my best friends father. He kinda adopted me into their family…thank God….he just called to remind me to come see him for my birthday. I guess he has something for me. I got to thinking though….he owes me nothing…I was a typical kid….he never knew of my abuse…that who family never knew….he treats me like one of his own. Anyhow, I got his love for free….although I dont believe most times that I truly know what love is or can be. Sure people tell me what it is…but I think its THEIR idea of what love is or should be in their eyes. I ask myself, “AM I even capable of love?” Do I truly know what it is? Im not sure…..It was never shown to me I think the way it should have been. The misguided treatment from bad people and the loose word on many peoples lips is just a front to me of the real meaning behind the word. I would like to survey people on the streets and ask just that question…..What is LOVE….wonder how many responses I would get? Love in some case is not for free…it comes with a price and can be harmful if induced at that wrong time. I believe that you can love more then one person at a time and even in many case many more then one person. I think that there are many forms of love and on different individual levels. Now, Im getting deep. Not sure I want to go there…I just thought about it briefly…and thought…what is love? What does It mean? What does it mean for you? Because I dont know if my answer is correct I think I will have to keep my answer to myself…and chew on it for awhile. One things for sure though, ………we all are in search of it…we need it….and we are lonely without it… grows….and it draws us in, nearer to the force ……and it can be fatal…..and sometimes can cause a broken heart. To me…its not free…..Im not sure when you break anything down its free. There is ALWAYS some giving and taking…therefore it is NOT free. What are your thoughts on this? It puzzles me…sometimes I have sleepless night thinking about it…(some more then others) Im definitely curious about it…..

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