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Exploring the world through caring thoughts, the freedoms of guilt free emotions, and looking at the world through the eyes of someone elses perspective seeking to enhance and set free your soul by opening your heart and mind

The White Rabbit

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ImageAs I sit here drifting in and out of consciousness daydreaming of what was, is and yet to come…my thoughts trail off to a story that was once what seemed like long ago. Of fairy tales and memories, of the possibilities of scattered dreams.

It starts with a dream. Someone somewhere places that idea in your head. Through a story most times…maybe even through a life experience that was shared graciously from someone else. Nevertheless, it happens to spark your imagination. Slowly, like a plant, it grows feeding off of the energy that it is supplied with and eventually blooming into something spectacular. Once bloomed it is at its peak and may evolve into a splendid freak of nature becoming an extraordinarily unique exquisite creature. 

We are all unique creatures. Some of habit. Some non-forming …of course some of us that are bloomers. then there are those that are late bloomers. Those I love best. Coming into their own distinct unique selves. These people are different by nature. Artists, seeing the world through naked eyes. Everything that we see is of a different perspective. Everything has beauty to it in its own way. Where others don’t see grand-or and life we in-vision it. Forming  something from nothing and making into a relic. Its a lost art. Daydreamers some say. Lost into a deep thought….however light or dark it may be isn’t the question. We mold it, shape it and make something that beauty can not caress  Our souls are marked and enchanted by something much more magical then anyone could explain. These forces that draw us like lights are invisible and powerful. Calling to us, as we urn  for this magic spell. We’re casters, and hosts that embody these forces and then share them with others. 

Chasing the White Rabbit is not for everyone. Though most people chase after what they consider to be their dreams…some don’t have the courage to try. I know of few people that have achieved their dreams however silly they may or may not have been. I also know of some that would rather dwell on what is NOT vs. envoking their own spirit to make the appropriate changes they need to be where they want to be. I am a dreamer. An in-visionary and adventurer by nature. I dream of bigger things..not lavish…not materialistic. Just exploring, seeing nature, smelling the dampness of the Earth and feeling it in my soul. There is so much beauty to be seen and explored. I’m a touch it, feel it, kinda person. I want to know how things work and question theories about what I learned. Its not wrong, its how some of us learn. These things can not be seen. They are traits that you either possess or not. Bottom line. At one point most of us sat in school and the pressure started with questions such as ” What do you want to be when you grow up?” Followed by adults and relatives asking the same. Some were fortunate to have parents that supported their ridiculous ideas no matter how far fetched they may have been. I knew at an early age that I was special. An artist of many sorts. I loved cooking. My mother sucked. I left home at 12-13 so I taught myself. Experimenting as I went along. In Jr High and High School I was interested at becoming a  world renouned chef and wanting to travel on special cruise ships around the world making my famous dishes. Now, I have settled for family members and friends to remind me of that dream and boast or brag about getting the special invitation to eat at my home. That will have to do. lol

Then there was the dream of the musician  I played all the saxophones while in school. I became good enough that I soon developed an ear for it and started to write my own music. I even got a tattoo of a treble clef …now its barely covered with another. I tear up  and my eyes well if I hear it played …I love Smooth Jazz to this day…its soulful! Then there was the writer. I am a writer in spirit. By nature I can melt my own underwear and make a heartthrob. I loved Photography….I am in love with capturing memories or places and freezing them in time. Lastly,I was a florist for  many years and never was taught, I just did it and became manager to train other women and entered into Washington States Floral contest….I got an honorable mention. I love to decorate,  mix and match patterns and colors and to rearrange  things and refurnish them…. I love it! My point is. No mater the hole you fall into ….the line of work, place or thing….its ok. Explore it. Take advantage of what life experiences have to offer you and grow like a flower. Thirst for more. Encourage one another. Stand tall and proud of your differences and uniqueness  Listen to those that push you. Take notes…follow up. Go on your next adventure. Even if there is no ryme or reason. Let NObody stand in your way. A person that is sucessful is one that is defined by those at his or her side cheering them on!There is no rule out there that states that you are ONLY allowed to have one dream and to ONLY follow that one dream! NO!NO!NO! You’re your own worst cristic…feel free to satisfy your lust for new things and not feel guity about it. I wish I had just a smidge of the support I do know. It feels great! I feel a sense of EMPOWERMENT, STRENGTH, and COURAGE! I could only hope that you take this advice, use it to your benefit. Dont sit around moping about what a crap pot of a life you have…get up and  get going!!! If you fall down, pick yourself up…meet new people! Make new friends…(wink) (wink) get out there and enjoy the HELL out of life! Support or no support…”The only life worth living is the only one you got!” G.Parkhurst

Dedicated to my few close friends and a special thanks to my new one Stuart May……..

Thanks for the push down the hole!!

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