First Steps

Exploring the world through caring thoughts, the freedoms of guilt free emotions, and looking at the world through the eyes of someone elses perspective seeking to enhance and set free your soul by opening your heart and mind


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I was shopping for my Anniversary…it was my 12th year…but 17 together…seems like a life time. Wait. It kinda is. In the store I was going about my business, humming along. My husband looming about and face beaming on the idea of what our night had in store for us both. I was actively involved in my careful selection in the produce that I needed for our exquisite evenings dinner. I had to make sure that it went off without a hitch and everything was perfect. I kept telling myself that I mustn’t forget anything. The slightest thing could make all the difference you know. I glanced up at him and nodded in approval and gleamed at him, shyly of course. I knew  that he loved me from the look on his face. The only thing that was left was to go home and prepare and preen myself perfectly. I had come to the tomatoes portion of my list and slightly turned just enough so that my cart was in my grasp and the tomatoes that I wanted were on the inward side of the bins. In a decidedly hurried motion in one swift swoop I would grab one or two good Roma”s and place them gently into my plastic bag. I had to make sure that the ones that I wanted were far enough away from most peoples hand….kinda weird like that. As I returned back to the safety of my cart just a mere few inches away I looked up and saw to my dismay a older woman walking off gingerly with my cart no doubt. Now, confused and infuriated I yelled out to this woman and she kept walking. Now mind you the cart on the top shelf where most infants and young children ride contained my purse. My husband at this time was just coming back and I had started my pursuit of this woman. I yelled again. She turned and played the  “dumb ass card” on me. Saying that she wasn’t aware that she’d grabbed the wrong cart. There had been another couple gleefully looking at me and another man, stupefied as to what just happened. As he shrugged his shoulders my husband arrives and asks what just happened. I explained and as I noticed the woman walking away, I took note that she possessed her purse and had no cart. In turned to my husband and finished telling him the whole story. I realized in the hurried state of confusion and panic that she in fact lied. She had disappeared into thin air and wasn’t seen in the whole entire store. What just happened to me? was a woman trying to rob me?I recollected my thoughts and finished my shopping determined not to let that incident spoil my special day. I replayed the isolated instant over and over in my head trying to rule out all possibilities and come up with a reason about how this came to be and pass. My mind ran aimlessly about…. dredging it up. It occurred to me as I was standing in line that I was wearing my high heels. They are about 6 inches high. I was dressed so cute I might add….course for the day and such. It was my turn to pass my items through and when I was finished I spoke to the cashier and explained what had happened. She proceeded to tell me that its not the only time its happened. Woman do it most often to other woman and especially those of different nationalities. They claim they don’t understand or speak English but they know exactly what they are doing. At that moment, I looked up and the lady that tried was walking by and staring at me…again, I took quick note that she had her purse over her shoulder and no cart. I tried to point her out…but as quick as I tried she’d vanished and was gone out of the store. Why? How could this happen? In the store of all places? What kind of person would stoop to that level? How many times has this been done before? In This store or others? What would I have done had she kept walking you ask? Well, high heels or not…I was going after her…and believe me …I can run. I would have yelled and screamed and my husband would have gotten her to. I was a few steps to grabbing her on the back of her neck and throwing her ass to the ground. Would I have cared to make a scene? no. In my mind she was wrong. She had crossed the line and deserved to be caught and humiliated in my eyes. Is this economy to blame? Are people getting that desperate that they would go to any lengths to do what they have to do? I went home and pondered all these theories I had. I thought about it for  the night and milled over whether or not I would share. She had no apologies, no sorry. Just excuses. She got caught. Thank GOD that I had seen her and people got in the way so she had to maneuver around them giving me enough time to get or catch up to her. I still wonder though…if this was someone I knew, if this was my loved one. They were starving or needing help or monies…what if that was me? What would I have done? What extremes would I have gone to? What would be my limits? 

Protect whats yours….it may not be much, may only be valuable to you, but its yours! Never let anyone take away from you what you cherish…could be a purse, a coat, a pair of shoes…..your sacredImage body, your rights, your freedom… matter the case….protect it…guard it…..because in one blink of an eye, it could be lost and gone forever.

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