First Steps

Exploring the world through caring thoughts, the freedoms of guilt free emotions, and looking at the world through the eyes of someone elses perspective seeking to enhance and set free your soul by opening your heart and mind

Birth of first steps…

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I was fortunate enough to meet  man in Ocean Shores that inspired me. In just the short time that I was there, I had an epiphany that I should start doing something that I love so much. Write. Take pictures. Keep exploring. Write some more. 

I pondered this idea, and tried to convince myself every which way that it wasn’t a good idea and quickly tried to shake my mind from it. I would hate to think of what it feels to fail, and repelled it once more. Then, this morning I woke at 4:30 am….and my mind went back to it. I milled it over, and decided what could I loose? 

I tell my closest friends and family to try things that are new. I’m constantly encouraging others to do the very opposite of what I do. For this, I am making myself take this on head strong, and stand tall with both feet planted. I know nothing of blogging. I loved to write poetry, and stories. If you know me then you know how animated I am and can be. I have always had a passion for writing and putting my thoughts and feelings on paper. At a young age I knew I had a few talents, sadly they were never encouraged. As I got older I realized I’m a motivator, just apparently not with something I afraid of failing at.

I don’t posses all the things I’m sure that I need, but in due time I believe that I will get better….”as a fine wine” I want to be able to share my thoughts where I can get maybe others views and feed back with out being torn down and mutilated or being  made to feel like an oaf. I want to be able to share my life’s journey openly, like a book with no negativity or repercussion. I’m sure that people have their own issues or joys that they like to share. These are mine. Maybe you’ll find that there are things that you read or seen that might help you along your way. 

I’m hoping to be received by people with encouragement and understanding that not everyone will always agree with the views, or thoughts I do. To be open minded and understand that, this is what sets us apart and defines us as individuals.  I apologize in advance if anything that I post or share, it is NOT intended to hurt anyone under any circumstances!

My goal is to not be distasteful,  inappropriate, or R Rated. However, I am an adult, and almost 40 years of age. I’m sure that there will be things that will NOT be suitable for children under the age of 18. Nor do I think that maybe some of the things I share or find would be completely understood by a younger generation. Some things that are posted some may not even get, without age even being an issue. (LOL)

In any case, I will start with this post being my first blog. Here it goes, time to bear, share, and hopefully make new friends, and meet new people along the way. Let me know your feelings,  share your thoughts. Please feel free to visit anytime. Pass the word if you choose. Hopefully, we can share in some laughter, cry a few tears, and work through all the exciting adventures both good and bad, and chalk them all up to be one hell of a ride! At any rate, I’m not looking to become famous, I know that Im not alone, and not perfect either. I’m not trying to say that my life is any worse or better then any others….and to be frank, there are to many damn clauses…so with out further explanation or ADU………



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